Architectural Drafting

We at XS CAD India provide architectural drafting and architectural detailing services to architects from a range of architectural institutes around the world including the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in the US and The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in the UK.

We provide architectural CAD services for all types and all stages of projects from tender, planning, working and construction drawings and details for industrial, commercial, retail and residential projects.

Retail / Shop Fitting

We provide complete construction drawing sets (CD Sets) for retail chains. Our drawings include all aspects of space planning and interior design and construction. Working to custom design standards we create a series of sheets (plans, elevations and sections) for construction purposes. Our experience encompasses food and beverage outlets, clothing and fashion retailers, electronics retailers, department stores and specialist retailers. Our current customers include those based in Canada, the US and the UK – in most cases we provide dedicated resource to our customers for such projects.


We create complete construction sets for new homes, lot specific details and address specific drawings for single unit and multi-unit dwellings. We currently work with large homebuilders from the US, Australia, Canada and the UK working as a dedicated offshore resource team that works with the local team to produce architectural drawings to local standards.


We provide architectural drawings for a range of commercial projects including office premises, hotels and restaurants. We will usually work as part of the design documentation for these projects – providing a service to detail the drawings according to AIA or RIBA standards.


Working as part of the design development team, we also support architects with the detailed design of public hospitals and educational facilities. Our CAD drafting and documentation services for larger healthcare/hospital, school and college projects are normally provided over a fixed term at a fixed cost – usually as part of the dedicated offshore team set up.

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