Revit BIM Modeling

Revit BIM Modeling provides unrivalled output of construction focused, design data for all types of construction projects thereby allowing project teams to benefit from improved design data and processes from the design table right through to the construction site.Revit is a database driven software utility, which means that changes to schedules, plans, elevations, sections or the 3D model itself result in coordinated updates to all corresponding areas. This is referred to as ‘integrated bidirectional associativity’ by Autodesk.

Revit is helping BIM software to become the design standard for many architects and general contractors, with benefits ranging from intelligent models that contain actual construction data to interference checking and site phasing tools.

Due to the database structure of Revit, the application allows for a range of other benefits including material takeoff and improved compatibility with other Autodesk software. One such tool is the gbxml (Green Building Mark Up Language) utility, which can be used to analyze and manipulate energy aspects of the building including the carbon footprint. XS CAD India is able to provide building analysis services (working towards carbon neutrality) using Autodesk’s Green Building Studio application.

At XS CAD India we provide BIM Modeling services via the Autodesk Revit suite of products which include Revit Architecture, Revit Mep and Revit Structures. Our Revit project experience includes development of construction drawing sets for leading homebuilders in the US and Canada, development of models and associated drawings and schedules for multi-use buildings in the UK, US, Middle East and Australia including high-rise structures and creation of Revit based construction drawing sets for retail design updates.

Using Autodesk’s Revit software as our main BIM tool, we create intelligent BIM models (Building Information Models) that contain parametric models. These models are intelligent and will re-size according to actual manufacturing data that we have used to create them through our Revit Family Modeling services.

If you would like to learn more about our Revit BIM services then please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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