Pre-Fabrication Modelling

pre fabrication modellingWe at XS CAD  provide a number of customers with bespoke and specialist services for the delivery of pre-fabricated (designed for manufacture) module drawings either as a bespoke service or as a by-product of our M&E Coordination service.

Design for manufacture and pre-fabricated modular construction is becoming an essential element of the building process for specialist and main contractors. Pre-fabrication technology and manufacturing standards and equipment continue to be developed and are helping to ensure that contractors not only save time and money but improve quality, working conditions and health and safety levels.

As wide-scale adoption of pre-fabrication output for both engineering and building components continues, contractors require the services of specialist companies to design module drawings before the modules are sent for manufacture.

At XS CAD we provide the specialist module modelling and module detailing services for contractors. Our involvement starts at the design planning stages where we are involved in the process of mapping out module requirements based on inputs from engineering, structural, logistical and installation teams.

Where we are responsible for the M&E Coordination of projects, we ensure that modules are detailed using the latest 3d design technology. 3d technology allows accurate module models to be created for all building services and structural elements before being used to create detailed drawings for off-site manufacturing teams and site fitting teams. Our module drawings include plans, sections, axonometric perspectives and precise equipment schedules.

Our experience of pre-fabrication engineering includes development of ceiling, plant and riser modules for a number of projects across the UK including leisure complexes, airport projects and healthcare projects.Contact us for a quote for your next project or to arrange a demonstration of our services.

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