Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) adoption helps to ensures closer working relationships within the entire design team and the supply chain for construction and engineering projects.

As a collaborative process IPD allows utilizes modern technology, teams from all stages of the construction process and the respective processes and practices of these teams to deliver projects on time and on budget.

These teams are brought together at the start of a project to ensure that all stages of the project are ‘integrated’. The IPD structure and concept was formulated in response to the decreasing levels of productivity and profitability in the construction sector. With the aim of an improved project outcome upon adoption of the IPD approach. IPD also allows management of risk allocation while focusing on the needs of the end client.

By adopting the principles of IPD, customers hope to reduce wastage while optimizing efficiency during the design, manufacture, installation and construction stages of the project.

At XS CAD India we provide a range of services to allow our customers to adopt the IPD principle and approach. We do this by providing the technology infrastructure (a range of online collaboration tools), a technical delivery solution (using Revit BIM Modeling software) and a project methodology that is required to generate and control all design output that is generated from the IPD process.

Our involvement on IPD projects is focused around high quality management and delivery of design data – whether this is 3d models, bills of quantities, construction drawings or record drawings.

Our aim is to ensure that all parties involved in the project (beyond the initial architect, client and main contractor) are bought into an overall standard for the production and use of design and construction data. By ensuring involvement of all stakeholders (including fabricators and specialist contractors) throughout the design process, we enable customers to benefit from adoption of IPD even when they are not yet fully equipped to do so with their existing resources.

Our engagement model for IPD projects varies and is dependent on the type of project and also on our scope upon appointment. Our IPD support services range from initial consultation for project standards to complete management and execution of a range of IPD support services.

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