Architectural CAD Training

Our architectural courses provide pure architectural CAD training but also training for 3d modelling and 3d visualization and rendering.

Pure Architectural CAD Training

All levels of our architectural training courses are delivered by trainers who have practical experience of architectural drafting and modelling for actual projects. Our trainers will teach you how to use the software to carry out anything from a 2D CAD drawing for a residential project to a 3d BIM model for an airport. Our courses include those that are provided on the latest CAD Technology from Autodesk including the latest versions of drafting, modelling and BIM software.

3D Modeling (Revit BIM Modeling and AutoCAD 3D Modeling)

Our 3d modeling courses will help you to create intelligent 3D models that can be used for a range of purposes including architectural detailing and also for rendering and walkthroughs. Our training team will help you to understand and develop the most efficient modeling techniques for architectural or structural projects using the latest modelling software from Autodesk.

3D Visualization & Rendering

XS CAD India provides some of the best 3D rendered solutions in India. Our courses use this experience and prepare our students for rendering to meet global quality standards. Our courses cover all aspects including lighting, scene setting, interior design and landscape design aspects and animation. We teach our students using the latest technology from Autodesk and Autodesk plug in software.

View our architectural cad training courses or send an email to our Training center on for more information.

You may also download our training brochures (PDF Reader required) for more information: Training Centre and Course List.

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