Retail Drafting and Modeling Support

XS CAD has been the preferred choice of many retailers across the globe for supplying design related documentation, 3D models and computer-generated images with the help of advanced technological tools, including AutoCAD and Revit.

Our CAD Drafting services are catered to a wide spectrum of retail organizations including apparel, banking, fast food, restaurants, telecoms and IT retailers, department stores and a range of other retailers.

By combining the technical skills of our people, our past experiences and an in-depth knowledge of the retail industry with proper understanding of our client’s requirements, we deliver accountable, effective and affordable services.

With the support of our Retail drafting and modeling services, clients can benefit from cost-reduction, faster completion of a project, increased productivity and minimum re-work. Our services to retailers include:-

Production Drawing Sets

Using the latest Autodesk software such as Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD, we create complete construction drawing sets for retailers. Our construction sets contain all key facets of an architectural drawing, including floor plans, internal elevations, external elevations, construction plans, setting out drawings, composite plans, finishing plans, lighting and ceiling plans. Not restricted to this, our drawings also include comprehensive equipment schedules and material and component take-off.

Retail Designs

Through extensive knowledge of retail design services and project management, our qualified and expert interior designers and architects offer design solutions, some of which include creating a layout and designing a concept for varied retail outlets. We design each project with understanding of the local office liaison while ensuring high-standards in each of our designs.

3D/4D Models

We make extensive use of Revit Architecture and Revit MEP tools and technology for our retail work. This technology facilitates us with accurate models, enables creation of 3D models which helps in the extraction of green building data and creation of 4D models which are beneficial during the installation phase.

Equipment libraries

We have a systematic approach of creating and managing libraries as blocks (for AutoCAD) or as families (for Revit) for our clients to simplify the drawing process. Our Revit family models are extremely beneficial. In addition to the flexibility of parametric models, it enables us to feed some additional data which can be extracted later for availing schedule and material take-off information.

Manufacturing/Assembly Drawings

We create manufacturing and assembly drawings for bespoke retail furniture, fixtures and fittings. We adhere to the specifications of materials and designs provided to us while creating a detailed drawing using AutoCAD detailing software.

Floor plans

We provide enticing, accurate and detailed floor plans in various styles and formats that can be effectively used in bid presentations, in brochures and on websites. The various formats in floor plans provided by us include color coded plans or 3D plans with or without furniture and fittings.

Computer Generated Images

We create compelling, life-like images for external and internal perspectives. In the initial stage, we create accurate 3D models and then convert it into photo-realistic images with the help of sophisticated 3D rendering software. Catering to the needs of each individual customer, we even create artistic effect and water color images.  These computer generated images not only facilitate the tender and bid process but also provide a visual understanding of the proposed design and layout of any retail interiors.

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