Architectural 3D Modeling

XS CAD offers comprehensive Architectural 3D Modeling services with the help of innovative, talented modelers coupled with burgeoning technology to facilitate the design, planning and visualization phase of the projects.

We have earned the recognition and trust of our clients for our past work that includes creation of models for entire shopping centers’, airports, hotel complexes, transport infrastructure, residential areas and mixed-use sites. Our wide spectrum of modeling services includes:

3D CAD Building Models

We use the entire family of Autodesk software such as Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop (ADT) and AutoCAD to create highest-quality building models for the architects, consulting engineers, structural engineers, main contractors and sub contractors.  The client’s original drawings including 2D floor plans, layout, details, sections and elevations are redrafted into 3D architectural and structural building models, maintaining the specifications, standard and quality. We ensure to maintain the models from the inception of its project till its installation.

Google Sketchup Models

We specialize in providing the architects, developers and specialist users and numerable other clients with Google Sketchup models for all the stages of a design process. As per the client’s requirements, he can get the simplest model or a minutely detailed one. One of the added advantages of our Google Sketchup Model is that it is compatible with numerous other applications like Revit, AutoCAD and other virtual software.

Revit BIM 3D Models

We create high-quality, intelligent Revit BIM CAD models representing real physical building components with the aid of Revit Architecture from Autodesk. Autodesk Revit enables to get an extra-edge by its provision of parametric modeling utility that results in controlled and more accurate design of the project.

Revit Architecture is data-base driven software that replicates the changes made in any one schedule, plan elevation, section or in the 3D model in the corresponding areas as well. This is referred to as ‘integrated bidirectional associativity’ by Autodesk. This replication ability of Autodesk provides wide range of benefits like material take-off, reduced waste, more flexibility with other Autodesk visualization tools and interference checks.

We have proven our skills in the development of construction drawing sites for renowned homebuilders in US, Australia, Canada development of models and associated drawings and schedules for multi-use buildings in the UK, US and Australia including high-rise structures and creation of Revit based construction drawing sets for retail design updates.

4D CAD Building Models

We create 3D models and intelligently link it with time or schedule related information for main contractors and project managers. It facilitates the customers to view the progression of a model over a period of time thus enabling a better output with judicious use of resources and budget.

3D CAD Component Modeling & Digital Libraries

Using AutoCAD, we develop 3D model libraries for all the disciplines within construction and engineering, including interior design and external landscaping.

XS CAD thus digitizes your simple drawing, thoughts or concepts into effective designs and 3D models, enhancing its value.

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