Benefits of Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling ( BIM ) is becoming increasingly popular in the AEC industry as a new technology and an approach that allows viewing of a virtual model of the building before it is actually built.  BIM brings with it many advantages that facilitates the design, planning, construction and operational phase of the project.

BIM allows for easy coordination and interoperability between different domains that results in effective exchange of information.  It provides a common single integrated database to support different domains associated in the delivery process.  Since sharing of same data is possible, the loss of information in communication process is minimized.  It’s ability to produce an accurate virtual representation of a building model giving a clear idea of how the real building would look like. It reduces the total expenditure by eliminating the waste of construction material.It helps to reduce the errors and omissions resulting in less rework.

A BIM model when made as a graphical illustration helps to identify the potential failures, leaks, evacuation plans etc. It also allows estimating the cost involved. Material quantities are automatically extracted and changed as per the changes made in the model. The use of BIM yields higher productivity and reduces contingencies.The objects created using BIM are defined as building elements such as walls, spaces, columns beams etc. It can be used to demonstrate the entire lifecycle of a building from construction to facility operation. BIM technology also helps to check clashes and collisions as a BIM model is created in 3D space.  For example, it can check for collision between pipes and steel beams, walls or ducts.

BIM technology is really a breakthrough from the traditional 2D CAD drawings. With so many benefits of using BIM technology, BIM is definitely the future of the construction industry.

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